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Only the most qualified attorneys are listed on RiversideAttorneys.net

This site contains contact information for Riverside County attorneys who have passed our screening test as experts in their area of law. Unlike most attorney evaluation sites, this site does not charge any of the attorneys to be on this site and does not accept payment to change an attorney’s status on this site.  We strive to remain neutral. To be added to a section below, the attorney must:

  • Have a primary practice in the county.
  • Dedicate much or all of his or her practice to the listed area of law.
  • Not have a record of incompetence with the California Bar.
  • Be in practice five years or more.
  • Be generally known to the site administrators as highly competent.
  • Be published in a law book or journal related to his or her area of law and/or be certified by the Bar in the listed area of law.

Attorneys are listed in random order.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • Peter Joseph Morreale –  951-781-1182
  • Paul Leonidas Lin – 951-888-1398
  • Paul Grech Jr – 951-682-9311
  • John Patrick Dolan – 760-775-3739
  • Joshua M Mulligan – 760-777-4322
  • Darryl Lynn Exum – 951-682-2903
  • Kiarash Feyzjou – 951-686-4818
  • Mario Rodriguez – 760-347-7771
  • Graham Douglas Donath – 951-667-5293
  • Leonard Jack Cravens – 760-342-1810

Family Law Attorneys

  • Michael Anthony Razo – 951-684-9000
  • Justine Elizabeth Fuller – 951-405-5000
  • Rachael Brittany Bennett – 951-719-3456
  • Lisa Bergman Hughes – 760-836-5200
  • Robert Adams McCarty Jr – 951-686-1583
  • Andrew Lee Westover – 951-894-8440
  • Jeremy N Roark – 951-734-6371
  • Jeffrey Robert Sissung – 951-356-6204
  • Carol Lee Adams – 760-342-8450
  • Danica Lynn Hanich – 951-506-6654
  • Nieves M Osaba – 951-215-0550
  • Samantha Kate McBride – 951-734-6371
  • David Christopher Clark – 760-342-8450
  • John F Cannon – 951-779-1610
  • David Oscar Barnes – 250-863-3988
  • Holly J Moore – 951-534-5440
  • Chandra Lynn Moss – 951-534-5440
  • Abelardo Henriquez Fernandez – 951-779-9609
  • Heather Mellyn Cullen – 951-715-4632
  • Michael Christian Peterson – 760-320-7915
  • Thurman Wesley Arnold III – 760-320-7915
  • Nieves M Osaba – 951-215-0550
  • Dayn Anthony Holstrom – 951-734-6371
  • William Erin Smith – 951-780-5300
  • Kristen Ashleigh Holstrom – 888-249-7560
  • Ronald Burton Funk Jr – 951-734-6371
  • T. Elizabeth McVicker – 951-244-8759
  • Danielle Christine Linker – 951-684-9000
  • Frederic Steven Wieder – 760-834-8625
  • Goushia G. Farook – 951-684-9000

Bankruptcy Attorneys

  • David Akintimoye – 951-656-5777
  • Todd Louis Turoci – 951-784-1678
  • Summer Miller Shaw – 760-610-0000
  • Jenny Lynn Doling – 760-884-4444
  • Leonard Jack Cravens – 760-342-1810

Immigration Attorneys

  • Nassim Arzani – 951-683-0900

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